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Welcome to my website
This is where I get to share some of the joy 
I receive from being involved in the 
sport of pure bred dogs.

In 2001 I became involved in the conformation ring.
At that time, I felt the need for a show name
So I decided on

"Omni" definition - (all : in all ways, places, etc. : without limits) 
seems to fit the goals I have perfectly.

I strive to have Goldens that are not only show dogs, 
but that are members of my family first!
Dogs that can run and play with all their heart 
or sit and relax quietly next to me.
Goldens that are able to retrieve a bird in the field,
 assist a disabled person, lead a blind person
or run an agility course.
Goldens that can compete in the comformation ring
or work in an obedience ring.
My goal is to have dogs that can do any of this
 but be healthy and beautiful family members first!!

Yes, this takes a lot of time, money and dedication,
But this is my passion and I LOVE doing it
because I LOVE my dogs!!

Please look around my website.
I hope you will experience some of the joy I get
from having Goldens in my life!

We hope to have puppies Fall 2024!!

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This site is is always work in progress.
Feel free to browse and come back often for updates.
If there is anything I can help you with or
any questions you may have, please contact me at:
Thank You



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